Business Law


Q:  What other ways can an attorney help my business? 

A:  Most small businesses cannot afford in-house counsel, someone in their office dedicated full-time to your company’s affairs. We also understand that having affordable access to legal counsel can make or break your business.  Too often business owners fail to adequately involve counsel in their business decisions.  While every business owner must take risks, we are here to help you discover, recognize, manage and mitigate these risks.  Without the help of counsel, these risks are often brought to the owners’ attention for the first time when they become the defendant to a difficult, expensive, and painful lawsuit.  Taking unnecessary, unknown, and unmitigated risks puts your entire business and all of your hard work at risk.  Let us help your business enjoy the benefits of in-house counsel without the fixed expense.


* The information contained on this website is not to be taken as legal advice and my be incorrect.  Laws vary from state to state and change.  Consult with an attorney to understand how these issues affect you. 

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